ALLDOQ for medical secretaries and assistants

Cases can be complicated, but managing them shouldn’t be.

Transform how you work with medico-legal expert witnesses. Purpose-built for the unique needs of a medical expert witness and their assistants, ALLDOQ makes it easier for you to get work done.

What can ALLDOQ do for you?

Centralise everything you need in one workspace

Connect everything and avoid the hassle of disorganised files and duplication with a single, intuitive workspace built for medico-legal expert witnesses and their assistants.

Simplify your workflow and breeze through more cases

Save time on repetitive tasks by entering case details only once with autofill functionality. Customisable templates, automatic time recording and other easy-to-use features help you and your expert deliver reports on time and on budget.

Streamline your work with specialist features & support

Never search for a password or a compatible radiology viewer again. Use ALLDOQ’s proprietary integrated radiology viewer to access, view and annotate all medical imagery. Even hand the uploading and organising of medical records and radiology to us.

Oversee multiple cases effortlessly

Keep on top of multiple cases with case overviews and automatic case timelines. Stay on the same page as the expert by bringing all your communication into one secure, GDPR compliant, cloud-based platform.

Main features for medical secretaries and assistants

Trusted by leading expert witnesses and their assistants 
to steamline their medico-legal work