Security & GDPR compliance

Your work is in the safest of hands with ALLDOQ. Your ALLDOQ workspace will protect confidential patient data and court documents, and also meet your GDPR requirements. The highest levels of security are built into ALLDOQ as standard.

State-of-the-art security

We go to great lengths to protect your data, employing end-to-end security on UK-based, government-approved servers.

Your data is only ever housed in ISO-accredited and ultra-secure UK data centres to guarantee 100% data sovereignty. Our hosting provider has an impressive number of certificates, including:

Our team takes additional proactive measures to ensure the security of your data:

GDPR compliant

ALLDOQ can help you meet your GDPR requirements. The security tools that ALLDOQ employ means that all data stored on ALLDOQ is GDPR compliant. Provided you don’t store your medico-legal work outside ALLDOQ, such as locally on your hard drive, you will be GDPR-compliant when it comes to your digital data.

GDPR regulations also extend to hard copies and other paperwork. For information on how to meet your requirements outside of ALLDOQ, please visit the ICO website.