Our Story

Frustrated by the shortcomings of other software, ALLDOQ was founded by a clinical expert witness, a lawyer and a software developer to provide a specialist platform that makes the lives of medico-legal experts simpler.

From complexity to simplicity

When we started McCollum Consultants, the now award-winning medico-legal practice we couldn’t find a single software system that suited the needs of expert witnesses. So, we decided to build the ideal system ourselves.

ALLDOQ is designed to make the lives of expert witnesses and lawyers simpler; we wanted to facilitate the work that really matters by stripping away the admin and making it quicker and easier to form an opinion and write a report.

Our convenient, easy-to-use workspace allows experts to store and complete their medico-legal work securely in the cloud. With everything in one place, it’s an easier, more organised way to work. And ultimately more rewarding.

True specialists

Created by specialists in complex personal injury and clinical negligence litigation, ALLDOQ is the first all-in-one tool created specifically for medico-legal experts and their support teams.

Security & GDPR compliance

GDPR regulations and the confidential nature of medico-legal work place significant security demands on experts. ALLDOQ relieves this burden by employing the highest levels of security on UK-based, NHS/government-approved servers.

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