Mission Statement

The ALLDOQ workflow platform helps medical experts and lawyers to organise and streamline the management of all medical evidence in a case, including medical records, radiology and expert reports.  ALLDOQ simplifies workflows, improves efficiency and productivity by up to 30%, and facilitates collaboration to achieve the best outcomes for clients. Our revolutionary secure user-friendly software is fast becoming the go-to trusted platform for medico-legal professionals. 

Our story

Driven by frustration with existing software limitations, ALLDOQ was founded by a team comprising a clinical expert witness, a lawyer, and a software developer. Together, we created a specialist platform to simplify the lives of medico-legal experts.

At ALLDOQ, we’re committed to transforming the medico-legal sector with our cutting-edge workflow platform. Our mission is to enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and streamline the management of vital medical evidence for injury claims.

From complexity to simplicity

When we started McCollum Consultants, the award-winning clinical expert witness practice, we encountered a gap in the market: there was no software available tailored to the specific needs of expert witnesses and personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers when it comes to managing the medical evidence and associated documentation in case. Determined to find a solution, we developed ALLDOQ.

ALLDOQ is the result of our expertise in the medico-legal field. The specialist platform is designed by experts who understand the unique requirements of expert witnesses and personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers.

Our goal was to simplify their work processes, removing administrative burdens and making it easier to form an opinion and write a report.

With ALLDOQ’s convenient and user-friendly workspace, experts and personal injury and clinical negligence lawyers can complete their medico-legal tasks in the cloud. The centralised system ensures work is organised and streamlined, providing a more rewarding experience for subscribers. Plus, ALLDOQ can seamlessly integrate into existing Case Management Systems, enhancing efficiency and workflow integration.

True specialists

Created by specialists in complex personal injury and clinical negligence litigation, ALLDOQ is the first all-in-one tool created specifically for expert witnesses and lawyers.

Security & GDPR compliance

GDPR regulations and the confidential nature of medico-legal workplace significant security demands on experts. ALLDOQ relieves this burden by employing the highest levels of security on UK-based, NHS/government-approved servers.

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