For lawyers

Revolutionise your approach to cases with ALLDOQ while maintaining profitability margins. Our cost-effective, cloud-based solution provides seamless collaboration and document management, ensuring your legal team remains organised and efficient. Experience the responsive interface of ALLDOQ, facilitating improved communication and collaboration throughout the legal process.

What can ALLDOQ do for lawyers?

Centralise everything you need in one workspace

Centralise all your case material in one workspace. Easily share case documents/radiology and connect everything you and your experts need to efficiently handle your cases.

Simplify your workflow and breeze through more cases

Simplify your workflow and handle more cases, effortlessly. Save time on repetitive tasks. Customisable templates, automatic time recording, and other intuitive features help you and expert witnesses deliver reports accurately and efficiently, ensuring timely completion within budget.

Streamline everyone's work with specialist features

Streamline work for you and your team with specialist features tailored for the medico-legal sector. ALLDOQ’s integrated radiology viewer allows experts to view and annotate all medical imagery crucial to your cases. The proprietary, customisable DOQBuilder helps create court-ready reports accurately and efficiently. 

Oversee multiple cases effortlessly

Effortlessly oversee multiple cases with ALLDOQ. Stay organised with case overviews and automatic case timelines. Keep your team and experts on the same page with centralised communication in one secure, GDPR-compliant, cloud-based platform.

Main features for organisations

Trusted by medico-legal teams to steamline their work