How ALLDOQ Helps to Maintain Profitability for Injury Lawyers

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Injury lawyers running complex cases face numerous challenges in their daily practice, not least maintaining profitability despite increasing pressure on margins. When it comes to managing the medical records and expert evidence, traditional software often falls short in delivering in support efficient ways of working.

Motivated by these frustrations, ALLDOQ was founded by a clinical expert witness, a lawyer, and a software developer. This unique team developed a specialised platform aimed at simplifying the lives of medico-legal experts and injury lawyers.

Streamline Your Case Management

The ALLDOQ platform has been specifically designed to streamline injury case management, from the effortless upload of cases and the automatic conflict check on all expert witnesses, to a logical folder system that keeps all case-related files organised and easily accessible.

ALLDOQ was not created to replace your current case management system but to complement it. ALLDOQ is a specialist injury law plug in for your existing CMS, and its comprehensive suite of features allows injury lawyers to select the tools they need to create a bespoke workspace tailored to their practice, thereby streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity. 

Find The Right Expert Witnesses For You Case

We understand the importance of selecting the right expert witness for your client’s case. It’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate the expert’s knowledge, experience, and expertise, ensuring their impartiality and absence of conflicts of interest. ALLDOQ simplifies this process with its comprehensive directory, helping you find the most suitable expert witnesses efficiently. The platform allows you to invite experts and securely share case details, streamlining communication and keeping everyone informed.

If you already have expert witnesses on board, ALLDOQ enables effortless and secure sharing of case information. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing email systems, including NHSmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Google, ensuring convenient and GDPR-compliant access.

Helping You Stay on Track

Recognising the pressures that injury lawyers face, ALLDOQ has developed a solution to help you stay on top of your cases and ensure they progress in a timely and efficient manner. Our platform removes the stress of managing multiple cases and coordinating with expert witnesses and other stakeholders.

With ALLDOQ, you can create automatic alerts and notifications to keep everyone updated on deadlines and important developments. Our Time Recording feature enables effortless monitoring of time allocated to each case. Additionally, injury lawyers receive detailed timesheets directly from expert witnesses via the platform, ensuring precise and efficient time management and billing.

Maintain Profitability

Originally designed for Expert Witnesses, ALLDOQ has evolved to meet the needs of injury lawyers striving to maintain profit margins amidst challenges such as the extension of Fixed Recoverable Costs and anticipated reductions in medical expert fees. ALLDOQ strategically enhances efficiencies within the sector, supporting the ongoing profitability of legal practices.

The ALLDOQ platform offers a revolutionary, cost-effective solution that streamlines the entire case management process. Features like integrated time recording facilitate effortless tracking of billable hours for accurate billing. Additionally, ALLDOQ provides injury lawyers with detailed timesheets from expert witnesses through its workspace, ensuring transparency and accuracy in invoicing. The platform seamlessly integrates with leading accountancy software such as Sage and Xero, simplifying accounting processes and enhancing financial management.

Furthermore, the cost per case through ALLDOQ can be included in your bill of costs upon conclusion of the case, making it a fully-cost-effective solution to case management.

Security and Compliance

Recognising the critical importance of safety and GDPR compliance, ALLDOQ has developed a platform that prioritises the highest level of security for injury lawyers and expert witnesses. We understand the concerns surrounding the upload and management of confidential and sensitive information.

ALLDOQ ensures peace of mind with state-of-the-art security measures, trusted by institutions like the NHS and UK Government. Data is housed in ISO-accredited, ultra-secure UK data centres to guarantee 100% data sovereignty. Our platform employs two-factor authentication for secure logins and double encryption for each file, providing unparalleled protection. Regular penetration testing by independent ethical hackers ensures ongoing security integrity. ALLDOQ is fully GDPR compliant, employing robust security tools to safeguard all stored data effectively.

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