ALLDOQ to launch breakthrough specialist platform proven to increase productivity by 30% for medico-legal experts

ALLDOQ aims to revolutionise the way medico-legal experts work by launching a first-of-its-kind specialist workspace which allows expert witnesses to securely store, organise and complete medico-legal work in the cloud.

Frustrated by the shortcomings of other software, ALLDOQ was founded by specialists in complex personal injury and clinical negligence litigation, to create the first all-in-one tool created specifically for medico-legal experts and their support teams.

ALLDOQ hosts an array of unique features which allows the user to securely manage their medico-legal cases all in one place. Users can create new cases, manage, and track their progress, check for conflict of interest, populate customisable folders with case documentation, and even review radiology files using the integrated radiology browser.

The DOQ builder allows experts to create letters and reports in a court-approved format or upload their own template, and they can send and receive case notes and other related documents securely through the built in DOQ Exchange. The time recording and invoicing features automatically and accurately record time on each case and create customisable invoices directly from time records.

ALLDOQ boasts many other features which are proven to improve efficiency and productivity by 30%, as reported by the UK’s leading medical experts who have been testing the platform whilst in development, for over 2 years.

Jeffery Lordan, Consultant Surgeon, says:

 “As a surgeon who also does medico-legal expert work I have been using ALLDOQ for some time. It is truly fantastic. It’s easy to use, intuitive, flexible, responsive, and secure. I can find any piece of work with ease and calculate the hours I’m working at any given time. In my opinion it’s perfect for medico-legal work and private practice.”

In addition to its rich feature set, ALLDOQ provides industry-leading security & GDPR compliance which allows expert witnesses to ensure their medico-legal practices are meeting all security and GDPR requirements.

Richard Williams-Lees, Co-Founder of ALLDOQ says:

“ALLDOQ is ground-breaking medico-legal software that will revolutionise the sector. It has been built, developed, and tested by specialists in the field. With over 100 active users, even before launch, it is proven to improve productivity/efficiency of experts and those instructing them by up to 30%”

ALLDOQ has launched with an introductory promotional offer, visit our pricing page to find out more.