The specialist workspace for medico-legal experts.

The convenient, easy-to-use workspace that allows you to securely store, organise and complete your medico-legal work in the cloud.

Making it simple to get work done.

What can ALLDOQ do for you?

Centralise everything you need in one workspace

Connect everything and avoid the hassle of disorganised files and duplication with a single, easy-to-use workspace built for medico-legal expert witnesses.

Simplify your workflow and breeze through more cases

Save time on repetitive tasks and admin with customisable templates, auto time recording, intuitive task management and other time-saving features.

Work from anywhere, at any time

View, organise, edit and share your work wherever and whenever works for you on ALLDOQ's cloud-native and GDPR compliant, secure platform.

Streamline your work with specialist features & support

Hand the uploading and organising of medical records to us. Use ALLDOQ's integrated radiology viewer and proprietary, customisable Doc Builder to create court-ready documents populated with annotated evidence.

How will you use ALLDOQ?

For expert witnesses

Transform how you manage and complete your medico-legal work.

For assistants

Work seamlessly with medico-legal expert witnesses.

For agencies

Keep your team and your expert witnesses in sync.

Main features

Trusted by leading medico-legal expert witnesses to steamline their work

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